Epic Menace – The dinghy on steroids


Saturday 12 October was a bloody awesome day.  I was lucky enough to make the cut to get on board the MC38 Menace for a wicked ride around the Hauraki Gulf for the second race of the Nexus Gold Cup Passage Series.

35 miles was the course length and the conditions were epic.  Top wind strength we recorded was 37 knots and we peaked at 21 knots of boat speed.  Not bad for a dinghy on steroids!

Before we hit the the water a mate asked if I packed my snorkel.  I thought he was joking.  Then someone else said “take your scuba diving gear.”  What were these guys on about, surely it wasn’t going to be that wet!

But it was.  It felt like being thrown around a 30 year old washing machine but definitely not coming out clean!

The rides were awesome and completely in control at all times.  It was great to see such a slick boat run by an even slicker crew.  These guys know what’s going on and know how to get the girl into the groove.

We finished 4th across the line, 3rd on PHRF and 2nd on IRC.  Great day in the office!

Here’s the video from the day.



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